My On-Again, Off-Again, Relationship with Running.

Tonight, I went for my first run in almost two months. I expected it to be hard; It was pretty spectacular. The post-run endorphins made me feel great, and helped me focus on writing.

Exercise is my key to dealing with stress and staying focused. If I don’t make time to exercise, I get crabby, irritable, and concentrating on multiple tasks becomes extra difficult for me.

Exercise has also been something I have struggled with. I used to be a complete gym rat, to the point of over-exercising. I was obsessed with doing as much cardio as possible. I would make myself run until my legs literally couldn’t take anymore. I wouldn’t listen to my body; I would force myself to finish. If I didn’t finish my run, in my mind, I was a failure.

My lack of time recently has made me more economical with my workouts. Although I hadn’t gone for a run for two months, I usually workout at home, or go to yoga classes.

Economizing my workouts has also helped me be a better listener of my body’s internal cues. If I’m up late working on an assignment, or just generally tired, I’m getting better at knowing when, or when not, to push myself to workout.

My tendency to over-exercise, is something I have been slowly working at. When I threw out my back in April-not from a gym-related incident-I was anxious to get back to the treadmill. Maybe it was a sign that I just needed to relax a little?

I didn’t run for too long, or go too hard, tonight, and that’s why I enjoyed my run. My days of excessive cardio will hopefully be in the past.


2 thoughts on “My On-Again, Off-Again, Relationship with Running.

  1. good read 🙂 I can totally relate. I also find my runs in the morning are generally more ‘cruisy’ as I find myself holding back for my day ahead, although if I am running of an afternoon I will run until the ‘death-of-me’ haha

  2. This describes my life completely… Except, unlike you, I’ve had the hardest time fitting exercise time into my schedule. I like the idea of doing tiny 15 minute work outs at home…I’ll be trying it!

    Also, I love Sandy and Hot Detox, maybe i’ll see you there next week!

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